A Note from the Mods

Due to the recent lack of movement in the comm, illfindmyway and I have made some decisions. We’ve reviewed your comments on the recent poll and discussed it. And these are final results:
  1. The comm will remain open.
  2. You may post stories if they relate to one of the prompts from Round One or Two.
  3. Anyone may answer a prompt—no claiming needed.
  4. A prompt may be answered more than once.
  5. There are no due dates (since these are not being observed).
  6. No new prompts will be accepted from now on.

In a few months, we’ll review the comm again and see what the interest is. At that time, we’ll consider re-opening it for prompts and more structured fills.

Fic: Let the bodies hit the floor, part two

Title: Let the bodies hit the floor
Author: kelly_girl
Prompt: Round one, Zombie apocalypse
Pairing: Cougar/Jensen
Spoiler: Yes, for the movie
Rating: NC-17
Warning: It's an apocalypse, bad things happen.
A/N: Big thanks to cougars_catnip for the beta service.

Summary: In every possible outcome to this plague, Jensen never anticipated actually having to live in a zombie movie.

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Current Comm Status

Hey, Losers!

So I've been watching the comm for the last few months and I've seen a distinct lack of participation. We have about 40 participating members registered (I'm ballparking here), but we have only about 4 members actually prompting and participating. illfindmyway has been posting a comment/monthly prompt for the past three months, but hasn't gotten any responses.

Sooo with that thought and the fact that the prompt claim has been open for quite a while (and only about three prompts have been claimed), I'm posting a poll. I'm seriously considering closing the comm permanently. I've consulted my co-mod and she is in agreement with me. If I do not get at least 10 responses to this poll, the comm will just be closed. (I do understand that we have just gone through the holiday season, but this has been on going for a while.)

Poll #1807215 Future of the Comm

What are your intentions towards the comm?

Go ahead and close, I have no further interest
I'd forgotten, but I'd like to participate
I intend to participate and will claim a prompt
I have another comment, I'll PM you
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Claim Post Round Two

Hey, Losers.
We’re ready for you to claim your prompts now. Just a few rules before you actually do it.
1. Claims are first come, first serve.
2. The Claim Post will be closed on January 15th.
3. Remember to adhere to the Claiming Rules
4. Remember to use the Posting Rules when posting your finished story.
5. ALL stories must be posted by June 30th, 2012. If they are not posted, your prompt will be added to Lonely Prompts and may be re-claimed by someone else.

When claiming a prompt, the correct format is:
Section, Prompt Number, Choice Number
So if you want a prompt from the AU section, you would write:
AU Verse, Prompt 1, First Choice

Please pick three prompts and you will get the first one that has not yet been claimed.

If you have any questions, please PM me or illfindmyway. Please do NOT post questions here. This post is for prompt claims only.

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Beta Request

Hi all!

I need a Beta for my Losers Minibang story. The story is a little over 11,000 words, and features violence against humans and zombies. There is a sprinkling of slash and angst.

I know this is a busy season for many so any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

December Prompt Time

Greetings fellow Losers. Do you know what time it is? It is the 1st of the month, which means prompt time! 

So here's the prompt.

____ would kill anyone who discovered that (s)he actually loved Holiday music. 

If you would like to take "Holiday Music" to mean the Monster Mash for Halloween or the Star Spangled Banner for 4th of July or if Guy Fawkes night has music I don't know about FEEL FREE. Whatever Holiday you want with whatever music you want.

Just remember if you use the prompt for a story to leave a link to it in the comments or post the whole story in the comm. 

Seasons greetings, happy holidays, all that jazz. Mostly, good luck surviving another December folks. 

Mini-Bang Update

Hey, Losers!

Since the question came up, I figured I'd address it in the comm.

We were waiting until we got TWENTY-FIVE prompts to close the prompting round, but the prompting seems to have slowed down.

So. You have until DECEMBER 1st to get in your prompts for mini-bang round two. After that the prompting post will be closed and then give us about a week to sort the prompts and get them ready for claiming.

Round Two Prompt Post is here.

And don't forget that there is a monthly comment prompt that you guys can answer. Come on...illfindmyway works hard on those!

As always if you have any questions, contact your friendly neighborhood mods, shanachie_quill OR illfindmyway (please don't contact us confuses me! Pick one of us--we do talk to each other!)

Prompt of the Month Time

It's November 1st people! I hope you all had a very happy Halloween because it's now time for the second monthly prompt. 

Give me up to 500 words. A story, a poem, a conversation, a character study - whatever - based on something that inspires you from this. Whatever you want. 

If there is a graphic you would like to do, you can do that too. 

This prompt will end on the 30th of November. If you post them on in the community or on your journal, be sure to leave a link in a comment here. 

Happy Writing :)


Hello Mini-Bangers!

So here's the deal. It is the first of October - which means it's Prompt Time! 

Give me one to 500 words. A story, a poem, a conversation, a character study - whatever - based on something that inspires you from this. Maybe the feeling of the song, an image from the video, a line of the lyrics, or maybe someone just likes the song - Whatever strikes you. Surprise me, surprise characters, maybe even yourself. Most of all - have fun. 

Fair warning, the song is a little sad, maybe even a little creepy with the video - but hey it's October and fall and a time of change. I'd love to see someone come up with something funny from this. You can post your piece in the comments or just post the link in comments, that's up to you too.

I'd love to hear what part of the song/video/name of the band inspires you, but including that is not required. 

Your submissions MUST be submitted by midnight on Halloween. Make as many submissions as you like, so long as it's not all the same story/poem/study.

The Lengths

Black Keys

Tell me where you're goin',
What is goin' wrong,
I felt you leavin',
Before you'd even gone,
Hold me now,
Or never, ever,
Hold me again,
No more talk,
Could take me from this,
Pain I'm in,
Pain I'm in,

See the moonlight shinin',
On your window pane,
See it leave you,
As faithful as it came,
Please yourself,
So you don't have to,
Be afraid,
Make amends,
Or carry on another way,
Another way,

Tell me what you were thinkin',
To treat somebody so,
The care he took,
The lengths to which he'd go,
The coals are hot,
To walk across,
Without your shoes,
But in the end,
Know that you've got nothing to lose,
Nothin' to lose,
Oh~oh, oh~oh.

I really hope this is fun for you all. I really look forward to seeing what you write. May the typing and scribbling begin!